Every year, musculoskeletal injuries, such as back and neck pain cost UK businesses billions of pounds in absence and reduced productivity.  At Move Clinics we understand the importance of a healthy workforce, whether returning back to work after injury or keeping your workforce fit and healthy in the first instance.  With rapid access to high quality assessment and treatment at a convenient location, our service aims to help companies in all sectors look after their employees.

Our clinical team has a wealth of experience and expertise in occupational health therapy offering onsite occupational health to several London companies. We treat staff on site and off site to help maintain a healthy and productive work force. As well as other services to meet the needs of employers trying to fulfill their health and safety responsibilities:

  • Individual treatments in west London clinic
  • Work station assessments at your place of work (by arrangement)
  • Contractual physiotherapy services at your place of work
  • Sports massage days at your place of work or sporting events

If you are looking to provide enhanced benefits for your staff and to improve employee well-being, productivity and occupational health, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We make every attempt to offer same day physio appointments. Our clinic is open early morning, late evenings and weekends.

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