Reformer Pilates


Move Clinics specialise in providing high standard of Reformer Pilates. Our Pilates focuses on maximising strength, mobility and control of the whole body, this enables more balanced, controlled and comfortable whole-body movement.

Whether you require rehabilitation following injury, looking to maintain or get back to function pre or post-nataly or purely want to strengthen for health and fitness, we can assist you in achieving your goals.

At Move Clinics we offer a choice of private sessions and small group classes (maximum of 4 people), that are all run by our excellent Physiotherapists. Keeping our classes small ensures you get the attention you need for you to safely and confidently achieve your goals.


It is a REQUIREMENT to complete a 1:1 INDUCTION before you attend ANY of our classes. This induction is to fully assess your needs and plan a program to meet these needs whether it is rehab or just general health.

The 2-part induction process is conducted one of our physiotherapists and includes a 45-minute assessment and planning session followed by a half hour introduction to the equipment session (these 2 sessions can be taken back to back or on separate occasions).

Click here to book an induction session.

Once inducted classes can be easily booked online here



Pilates improves and enhances muscular strength, core stability, postural control, body awareness and flexibility. This can all help to manage and prevent a range of issues including;

  • Back and neck pain
  • Hip, groin & shoulder injuries
  • People recovering from surgery
  • Pre- and Post-natal women (click here for extra info on this)



The benefits of Pilates are certainly not limited to those with pre-existing injuries or pain issues. Pilates is also a great way to stay strong for general health, for those who play sports or run and those who wish to continue to get the most out of day-to-day life.



  • To book your initial assessment please click here 
  • If you’re still not sure and would like some further info please call us on 020 8994 8328 or email:
We make every attempt to offer same day physio appointments. Our clinic is open early morning, late evenings and weekends.

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